*ANNOUNCEMENT* Since February 2019, ampulets has ceased its design services for clients. We now exist solely for independent, non-commercial art and design projects, including projects under our label Neighbourgoods. We also continue to write and publish our blog  ampulets.blogspot.com

ampulets 安普樂 is a graphic and communications design studio founded in 2006 by James Teo (1972-2019).

As a design studio, we were known to create work that is always considered, serves function, and invites/rewards curiosity. We believe that good design responds to and satisfies our human desire for both meaning and beauty.

Our work involved developing visual identities, brands, publications and communications design for  for clients, such as museums, universities and institutions, government and businesses that range from cafes to corporations. Because many of our projects were multi-disciplinary in nature, we helped our clients put together and manage creative teams comprising writers and editors, photographers, illustrators and interactive designers. Our attitude and approach towards design and project management was to be hands-on and collaborative.

We especially enjoyed projects that allow us to work closely with our clients to develop their brands from idea to visual representations, and to brick and mortar and online platforms.

Objects and Collaborations
Outside of client-based work, we now continue to make independent art and design projects, as well as commissions for exhibitions and magazines.  ampulets also curate and put together shows and projects that feature work by artists, designers and other creatives. You can read more about them here.

In April 2012, we decided it was time to launch our own product label Neighbourgoods. Neighbourgoods makes everyday objects in collaboration with other creatives in Singapore, inspired by the people, stories and places around us. Check out Neighbourgoods at www.neighbourgoods.sg

Publications and Awards
Both our client and independent projects, including objects by Neighbougoods, have been featured in Singapore's dailies The Straits Times and Lian He Zao Bao, Esquire (Singapore), Art4d, ArtBlouin (Southeast Asia), Creative Review, as well as in The Design Society's book Independence: The History of Graphic Design in Singapore since the 1960s. 

ampulets' design "Days of Lightning" was part of the "Singapore Icons" series of ceramic ware by Supermama's label Democratic Society which won the 2013 President's Design Award.

Drop us an email at ampulets@yahoo.com.sg