You can take a break

This animation, exhibition and installation project was commissioned by Lien Foundation for the "Personally Speaking" show organised by Objectifs Centre for Film and Photography.

"My mom passed away 10 years ago after a stroke. I witnessed my dad's struggle to care for my mom and later, come to terms with her death. Since then, my dad has suffered a fracture in his vertebrae, severely affecting his mobility. Amidst a host of other ailments, he also has dementia. Caring for my parents has often left my siblings and I feeling stressed, anxious and tired. We hired a helper to be dad's primary caregiver, but her duties have also left their mark on her.

I saw, despite all their efforts, caregivers are often guilty when they take time off to rest and relax. So I wrote a story that drew on my experiences, as well as featuring a fictional character - V8, a robot designed to be a caregiver. 

V8 his our help and our guilt. He works so that we can take a break! But is he indeed super human? Does V8 not need a break too?

Our hope in making this work is that caregivers can see themselves in V8, or that others can see in V8 the caregivers in their lives. If they do, perhaps they will be reminded of the message "You a take a break". Taking a break prepares you for the journey ahead."

"You can take a Break" is available as a short film and a book. ampulets also designed the installation at the travelling exhibition. 

Written, illustrated, designed and directed by ampulets.
It features music by Victor Low, animation by Khoo Siew Mei and text edited and translated by Yeo WeiWei.

Year of Project: 2018