Everyday / 每一天

We live in an old neighbourhood with old trees that have probably been around since the estate was built - or maybe even before that.

Every time we walk by these trees, there's a sense of comfort, just seeing them still there. In the day they provide us shade and oxygen. In the night they make shadows on our walls and a home for birds. They are there when we run for the bus or wait for a cab. The daily grind sometimes stops us from noticing the people and things around us. Most of us simply don't have time to stop, to look, to feel, to understand. But this life around us exists, breathes, dies, renews.

The tree you see in Everyday our calendar-poster is one of the biggest trees near where we live. We invite you to put it up where you spend most of your days, be it at your office or home. And as you mark the days in 2015, may you see and appreciate the people and things that are never far from you.

Everyday is available in an edition of 250 for S$22.
To order, email info@ampulets.com, payment via paypal or bank transfer.

Numbered edition of 250
Black and Gold ink
100gsm marble white tracing paper
Packed in tissue and postal tube, write-up on tag

Year of Project: 2014