Gone Nowhere

"Gone Nowhere" by ampulets - 70 cm x 70 cm, Vinyl Records, Acrylic Ink, Wing Nuts, Bolts
Singled Out is an exhibition featuring 50 vinyl artworks by Singapore creatives. Each artist was challenged to transform vinyl records or sleeves into unique pieces of art base on a song. For this exhibition, ampulets made "Gone Nowhere", inspired by The Beatles song "Nowhere Man"

The lyrics of The Beatles's "Nowhere Man" left an immediate impression on us.  We thought at first about folks we knew who seemed like they really were "in a nowhere land, making nowhere plans for nobody", often labelled by society as losers. But surely we all have felt lost before. And even though we are always aiming to get "somewhere" in our careers and in life, in the end, is that "somewhere" really that important and valuable? What do these trophies and achievements mean? 

I recalled that when an album sold a certain number of copies, the artist will be awarded a platinum or gold record to be hung on a wall. So for this work, we assembled all these possible "trophy vinyls" to form a canvas. A nowhere man goes round and round, from one vinyl to the next, from boy to man. But when his songs in life end, where will he be going to next?

We hope this work reminds us that the treasures on earth will one day all be meaningless.

All proceeds from Singled Out will go towards Thunder Rock School to provide music outreach, education and mentorship to financially disadvantaged youths. Bidding for the works is on until 6 January, and starts from $200. Bid for "Gone Nowhere" here!

Year of Project: 2014