Democratic Society

ampulets was commissioned to create the identity for Democratic Society, a new label by retail gallery and art+design residency space Supermama.

Democratic Society features collaborations between designs and makers, to create souvenirs or omiyage that document contemporary Asian beliefs, lifestyles and cultures.

The identity is composed from 3 semi-circles stacked to form the acronym "D" and "S". We were inspired by how a society may be formed by individuals or communities that are imperfect and not sufficient onto themselves. Even as a society, these imperfect parts may not form a complete, impenetrable circle. Yet through time and democratic processes,  generations of such individuals and communities growing up together, eventually evolve common ideals, values and purpose — they evolve as a society.

We wanted the identity to be able to stand coherently and timelessly on its own, even without its name spelt out.

We also designed the promotional material and brochures for Democratic Society's first project "Singapore Icons", in collaboration with Japanese ceramic brand Kihara, Inc.


Project Year: 2012