A Book by its Cover

When invited by Kult to be one of fifty designers to create an alternative cover to any book we desired, we chose a novel we have always loved - Waiting for the Mahatma (1955) by R.K.Narayan. 

R.K. Narayan gently spins the story of orphan Siriam made to wait for the consummation of love and independence. A story of private romance and personal independence runs alongside and is held back until the realisation of patriotic love, national independence, and the fatherly presence of the Mahatma Gandhi.

The colours of the Indian flag set the stage. We transformed the spinning wheel in the flag that was Gandhi's legacy of self-reliance to India into the gears of Gandhi's favourite pocket-watch. The watch marks the wait, but also the inevitable passage to independence for an orphan and his country.

There are many things a novel can open your mind and heart to. So boys and girls, read. 

Project Year: 2012