Campaign City II

Endangered Species / 虎虎生危 "My parents have 6 sons and 1 daughter. I am the youngest and my mother had me because she was hoping very much to have another daughter. My mother not only defied the campaign by having so many children, she also contradicted the campaign's assumption that people then desired sons more, and would try for more babies simply for this reason. Today, like my mother, I would much prefer daughers. However, unlike her, I have no children of my own."

We therefore made a poster that used the slogan of the 70s, but reflected instead today's reality. Our poster's tigers - male or female - are lifeless rugs, (campaigning) in a city that is desperately seeking babies.

The second installation of Campaign City: Life in Posters
is organised by Salon Projects and the National Library of Singapore. The show is at Level 11 of the National Library Building, and will run from 9 January to 3 July 2013.

A print of the poster is available for sale.

Check out our poster for the first Campaign City show in 2010 here. 

Project Year: 2012