I Don't Wanna Arowana

My brother kept a majestic looking 20-inch silver arowana. His dream was that the arowana's luck-giving powers would help him strike one of the top prizes in Toto or 4D, and bring the family great fortune. It died last month after spending 2 years in its 50-inch wide tank. What a sad fish! It never did fulfil my brother's dream. My dream is to live a life free from greed and envy; a life – and eternity – that is rich with immeasurable love, joy and peace.

"I Don't Wanna Arowana" (20cm x 30cm, Ink on Acid Free Paper) is made for the 100 Friends 100 Artists 100 Dreams show, organised by PHUNK and Art Management.com.

 The exhibition opens at the TCC cafe “The Gallery” 51 Circular Road, on Wednesday 24th October, and runs until the 7th January (opening party on the 23rd October). All works are framed and for sale at S$199. 100% of proceeds go towards the non-profit TRANSMISSION:PROJECT.

*I Don't Wanna Arowana has been sold.

Project Year: 2012