Eagle Eye / Reintegration

With 2 more issues of Eagle Eye complete, we've got a quartet going...

The editorial for 2011's first issue focuses on the reintegration of Raffles Institution and Raffles Junior College since 2009. Since nothing is more perfect and intuitive a symbol of union than the circle, the different permutations before two halves of a circle form a whole form a narrative for the cover design.

With the start of a new year, the editorial direction shifted from coverage of events to more in-depth coverage and analysis of issues and key educational developments at the institution. As such we also took the chance to refresh the design of the magazine's pages, while keeping to the original design intent. The changes provided greater diversity in the application of the basic three-column grid, with the aim of drawing greater attention to the different thematic sections. We also introduced new elements into the page, such as the standfirst and crosshead, to create new access points into the article for readers.

2010's final issue was titled "The Rafflesian Intellectual". The cover design started with conventional association of "intellectual = cerebral'. We took it to its literal extreme with a portrait of a young person formed by a mass of colourful neurons!

Project Year: 2011