Salted Fish

The National Art Gallery, Singapore (TNAGS) launched their new Dreaming Art Series of children's books on 2 October 2010.

Salted Fish is the first title in a Series where iconic works by Singaporean artists feature in original stories with accompanying illustrations. The book is inspired by pioneer artist Cheong Soo Pieng's painting Drying Salted Fish. It is written by Yeo Wei Wei, with illustrations by artist Ye Shufang.

Designing the book was a collaborative process with the writer and illustrator. It was as much about the child's experience of reading, as the experience of being read to - the lingering upon or turning of a page, the dimensions of the book, its texture and weight...

And it was also about the book's presence on the bookstore shelf. For this, we finally decided that instead of revealing any of the illustrations in full, to create something new from a single but obvious detail with the bookstore display in mind - the outline of a salted fish.

More information about Salted Fish and the Dreaming Art series is at The National Art Gallery's website. The book (ISBN-13: 978-981-08-6444-6) is available for $16.10 (incl. GST) at all good bookstores from October 2010 onwards. Contact the National Art Gallery for more details!

Project Year: 2010