Post-museum x ampulets tees

When Post-Museum, an independent cultural and social space in Little India, wanted to raise funds for its work, they asked if we could design T-shirts for their fundraising efforts. Their brief was simple - the design must contain their name "Post-Museum".

We wanted the designs to subtly communicate Post-Museum's goals, so that they may appeal to Post-Museum's fans as well as people who may just enjoy the designs.

"Lost Without You" takes as its starting point Post-Museum's location in busy Little India. One of the Post-Museum’s stated aims is to respond to its location. Wherever we may be, perhaps having a sense of place is part of our sense of community.

"2 is Better Than 1" is inspired by the spirit of collaboration behind two simple shop-house spaces, where people get together to create community and culture.

If you are interested in the T-shirts, email "Lost Without You" is a limited edition of 100 only.

Project Year: 2009