Our brief was to create a visual identity that would distinguish between Rubik's two different business arms - Rubik Research and Collaboration, and Rubik Building. At the same time, it should also reflect their common aim in constantly developing innovative solutions with their international base of clients.

Taking inspiration from the name's reference to the rubik cube, we focused on the energy, motion and transformation in solving the puzzle-cube, a process that requires not only mental engagement but a connection with one's hands. With this starting point, the design intent was to reflect both the company's dynamism and their human-centred approach.

We first created a strong canvas with the company's name “Rubik” in caps, then looked to transforming a single alphabet with a series of squares or origami-like folds upward and outward. This simple intervention to the alphabet “U” for the company's building arm, and “K” for its research and collaboration arm, introduces a sense of movement and draws attention to their dynamic process of problem-solving.

Project Year: 2009