Experience Union

Located in a beautiful former chapel, the architecture and interior design company Experience Union wanted to communicate their vision and engage the curiosity and imagination of passers-by and visitors to Mount Sophia. We therefore worked closely with them to create three illustrations on the company building's exterior glass wall, the conference room wall, and the reception.

The illustrations were based on various interpretations of “creation” and “reflection”. They explored the relationship between man's built environment and nature – the beauty, intelligence and motivation of their design and making – and between the real and illusory.

Functionally, the translucent artwork on the 14 metre exterior glass wall sought to mimic the stain glass art already present in the building, and serve as a coloured filter for the afternoon-sun-facing surface. At night, the opaque figure of a resting man remains visible, while the animal-shape balloons dim with the dark. In the same way, the artwork for the conference room and reception walls were sensitive to the former's variable levels of opacity and the latter's mirrored surface, to invite interaction with the visitor/viewer.

Project Year: 2009