Sunny Island Set in the Sea

Image by Gallery & Co.

Singapura, oh Singapura, sunny island set in the sea
Singapura, oh Singapura, pretty flowers bloom for you and me

This vision of Singapore as some kind of tropical utopia exists only in song. For us, it's just Hot Hot Hot! 

Eight Monkeys

The Buzz chain of convenience stores and three Chinese dailies 联合早报 / 新民日报 / 晚报 collaborated to release a series of teacups as Chinese New Year giveaways to their readers. ampulets went all monkey for the designs.

Flor - coming of age

Re-branding Flor Patisserie was all about working with the Flor team to get back to fundamentals of why they love doing their work, and what they hope their clients would come to understand and love about them. It was a coming of age, a more confident expression of who Flor is.

PPairs for Life

It is rather rare to see a young photographer so passionate about wedding photography. So when he approached us to help with the name of his company, quite naturally we thought of 'Pairs'. And given that in pairs, there will always be two of each - PPAIRS.  The identity took inspiration from the metaphor '形影不离' - the form and the shadow are inseparable. 

PPAIRS are made for life. 

Good Sweat #7-12

Neighbourgoods, ampulets' product label, brought back the Good Sweat Project at the end of December 2015. Together with Theseus Chan/WORK, Kenny Leck/BooksActually, Edwin Low/Supermama, Tan Pin Pin, and Carrie Yeo/The Freshmen, we made 6 new handkerchiefs bearing their phrases to inspire, encourage and cheer on.

Little Red Dot

It may look like a simple little dot, but rotating it reveals different patterns both within and without. We based our art direction and design of the poster and book documenting Supermama's project Little Red Dot on this.

Little John Little Red Dot

Besides working with Supermama and Kinetic to curate the 50 artists and works for the Little Red Dot project, we got to design one of the 50 beautiful porcelain vessels. We were given a photographic image of Raffles Place (then known as Commercial Square) featuring Singapore's oldest department store John Little. James writes this about his inspiration for the design: