Gone Nowhere

"Gone Nowhere" by ampulets - 70 cm x 70 cm, Vinyl Records, Acrylic Ink, Wing Nuts, Bolts
Singled Out is an exhibition featuring 50 vinyl artworks by Singapore creatives. Each artist was challenged to transform vinyl records or sleeves into unique pieces of art base on a song. For this exhibition, ampulets made "Gone Nowhere", inspired by The Beatles song "Nowhere Man"

Warm Nights and Deathless Days

Another title for the National Gallery's Dreaming Art Series that ampulets had the opportunity to design and to work with the talented Sonny Liew. Sonny's story and art on the story of artist Georgette Chen is lyrical yet filled with humour. We tried to work with the National Gallery and Sonny to bring that same lyricism to the book design.


'I close my eyes, and hear the waves approach the shore - every movement a different speed and intensity. A wave arrives and recedes; the next one comes along - and the next. Some leave a mark on the shore or take with them treasured finds, but they all instigate and inspire successive waves. Watch long enough and you may just see the tide fall - or rise.'

Kki - Not Goodbye

When our favourite cake shop, Kki Sweets approached us to create a poster for them to bid farewell to their customers (temporarily) and their space of 4 years, who else better than letting the man do it himself? So we created a poster featuring the Kki's boss, with his trademark trucker hat and New Balance shoes.

Forget Me Not

James Teo, creative director at ampulets says this: "I was born the very year my family moved from a kampung into a HDB flat. Unlike my 6 older siblings, I do not have fond memories of growing up with chickens and pigs wandering about, or that secret thrill of eating fruits stolen from a neighbour’s tree. In fact, when briefed about the exhibition, I drew a blank for the first few seconds – “Local fruits? Do we grow fruits in Singapore?”

Letter to my Mom

ampulets was commissioned to create a short animated documentary clip for "Living Well, Leaving Well", a part of the Both Sides, Now project that is taking place at the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital from 16 November to 8 December. Both Sides, Now is an immersive art project by Singapore theatre company Drama Box to get people to start thinking and talking about death and dying.


ampulets designed the identity, promotional images and collateral, as well as the exhibition for Neighbourgoods' Goodcraft project.