Little Red Dot

It may look like a simple little dot, but rotating it reveals different patterns both within and without. We based our art direction and design of the poster and book documenting Supermama's project Little Red Dot on this.

Little John Little Red Dot

Besides working with Supermama and Kinetic to curate the 50 artists and works for the Little Red Dot project, we got to design one of the 50 beautiful porcelain vessels. We were given a photographic image of Raffles Place (then known as Commercial Square) featuring Singapore's oldest department store John Little. James writes this about his inspiration for the design:

It's Good to be Home, Kki

A much-loved shop specialising in mousse cakes Kki Sweets finally found their new 
home and re-opened at the School of the Arts. They asked ampulets to help with refreshing and re-introducing their Kki brand, including growing it to include their new product line 
Kki Home .

Kki Home / Tomo

We are especially chuffed to be entrusted with designing Kki Home's very first original, in-house products.

Everyday / 每一天

We live in an old neighbourhood with old trees that have probably been around since the estate was built - or maybe even before that.

Gone Nowhere

"Gone Nowhere" by ampulets - 70 cm x 70 cm, Vinyl Records, Acrylic Ink, Wing Nuts, Bolts
Singled Out is an exhibition featuring 50 vinyl artworks by Singapore creatives. Each artist was challenged to transform vinyl records or sleeves into unique pieces of art base on a song. For this exhibition, ampulets made "Gone Nowhere", inspired by The Beatles song "Nowhere Man"

Warm Nights and Deathless Days

Another title for the National Gallery's Dreaming Art Series that ampulets had the opportunity to design and to work with the talented Sonny Liew. Sonny's story and art on the story of artist Georgette Chen is lyrical yet filled with humour. We tried to work with the National Gallery and Sonny to bring that same lyricism to the book design.